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The second harvest begins in only 3 days. A whole event is being planned. Read about it in this week's MMS Weekly!

Welcome to Maitasuna!

Maitasuna text (1).png

Discover and explore the mysterious paradise of Maitasuna, located somewhere in the mediterranean sea, and shrouded in a magical mist. Only those who posess a love for others and the environment in their hearts are able to see through the veil. Maitasuna is a  roleplay community, where you can roleplay in the many different places on the island. Go to magic school and cultivate your personal power of love and enjoy all the unique places that you can help create!

While there is a set map of what Maitasuna is at its core, we aim for the users to get creative and add to Maitasuna to create a space for everyone to have fun.

Maitasunan map 2022.jpg

Yellow means beaches, pale blue means rivers and lakes. Grey means mountains, dark green means forests. Red means cities and towns. Blue and orange lines are the monorail lines. 

Molia symbol.png

The currency of Maitasuna is the Molia. Its symbol is pictured above. The smaller currency is the Krute. There are 100 Krute in a Molia. The Krute comes in 1, 10, 25 and 50k coins. The 1k and 10k coins are  silver, whereas the 25 and 50k coins are gold.  

Maitasuna national Dress.jpg

The National dress of Maitasuna

What does Maitasuna's future look like?

For now, Maitasuna remains a roleplay community. Howwever, I hope one day that Maitasuna might become a full video game, perhaps resembling the one above. 

This is a trailer of what I imagine Maitasuna would look like if it were a video game.  


After you have designed your character, you become a student at MMS. You go through the sorting ceremony and explore the school and the village of Lassai. You're allowed to adopt a pet from the adoption centre, and must learn to take care of it. This can either be a horse, a dog or a stralinx (a domesticated stralinx of course=

Once you have settled in, you begin to hear rumours that the mist surrounding the island has mysteriously vanished, and strange lights are visible over Butter Hill. 

You and your friends Franny and Phoebe decide to investigate. You are given a series of clues and puzzles to solve. You begin to realise that there were monsters trapped under butter hill, which have now been released. You must battle these monsters while continuing to look for clues as to why the mist disappeared. 

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