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Welcome to Maitasuna!

Maitasunan flag (1).jpg
Maitasuna text (1).png

Discover and explore the mysterious paradise of Maitasuna, located somewhere in the mediterranean sea, and shrouded in a magical mist. Only those who posess a love for others and the environment in their hearts are able to see through the veil. Maitasuna is a  roleplay community, where you can roleplay in the many different places on the island. Go to magic school and cultivate your personal power of love and enjoy all the unique places that you can help create!

While there is a set map of what Maitasuna is at its core, we aim for the users to get creative and add to Maitasuna to create a space for everyone to have fun.

Maitasunan map 2022.jpg

Yellow means beaches, pale blue means rivers and lakes. Grey means mountains, dark green means forests. Red means cities and towns. Blue and orange lines are the monorail lines. 

Molia symbol.png

The currency of Maitasuna is the Molia. Its symbol is pictured above. The smaller currency is the Krute. There are 100 Krute in a Molia. The Krute comes in 1, 10, 25 and 50k coins. The 1k and 10k coins are  silver, whereas the 25 and 50k coins are gold.  

national costume (1).jpg

The national costume of Maitasuna is worn on religious holidays such as Walla day or The Traveller's Day. It is a mixture of many different aspects of the island's history, including the African influences, the catholic roots of the original Maitasunans and has elements of the national dresses of many of the different cultures that now call Maitasuna home. 

September 15th is Maitasuna's second harvest festival. In honour of the occasion we will be releasing some brand new  wallpapers and exclusive merch.  This will only be available for two weeks. Watch this space for news of these exclusive additions to  the Maitasuna website!

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