Jixie Dye

Currently working on my first book 'Morry'

About the setting

About Morry

'Morry' is set in the not too distant future when earth has become uninhabitable by humans due to climate change. The humans leave earth and journey to find a new planet to colonise. They find one but it already has life existing on it. The Oidies and Pluxes of the planet are enjoying a time of peace after a bitter and bloody war and are unprepared for the humans arrival. The humans take over and enslave both Pluxes and Oidies.

Morry is an Oidy, a marsh dwelling creature who stands at an average height for an Oidy at around three and a half feet. She is lively and intelligent, she loves to sing and she is extremely messy. She has a best friend called Kyler and a pet Qualeggian (a type of cat with razor sharp spikes along its back) named Boo. She is extremely independent and mischievous. At the start of the book she is fifteen years old. 

The species of Wevaria

Morry's story takes place in the land of Wevaria, just one of many countries that exist 

on Morry's planet. When humans arrive in Wevaria there are two species that exist within it, Oidies and Pluxes. Oidies are almost fairy-like creatures with pointed ears and green tinted skin. The main differences between fairies and Oidies however are that oidies have no wings and instead of having human-like feet their feet resemble those of kangaroos. This is so that the oidies can jump from island to island in their marshy home. 

Pluxes are taller than Oidies and are large and wide with dark brown, wrinkled skin and barrel bellies. In Wevaria they are used as labourers due to their tremendous strength.

Image of Morry Created by Pocket Villain

Beta Readers

  I am currently looking for Beta Readers to read Morry. If you are interested please email me at JixieMDye@gmail.com. You will read the book and answer a questionnaire afterward. I respect and appreciate criticism as long as it is constructive and detailed and thorough answers would be appreciated.