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MMS Weekly is currently suspended as the students of MMS are on their summer break

The newspaper will begin again in September. 

Until then, this page will have updates on roleplay stories. 


Luna Caballera and Louisa Carey went on a camping trip to escape the heat of southern Maitasuna. Their trip took them to a campsite just outside of Sorgipala, on the outskirts of Sorgipala forest. 

Upon arrival, the two girls and their friend Odhran discovered a beautiful gold box, encrusted with gems. This was easy to open, but it contained within it a watertight box which was impossible to open. The girls and Odhran decided to take the box back to their campsite to see if they could unlock it there, but they were unable to. 

During the night, Luna was awoken by the sound of a scream. The group decided to leave the campsite out of fear and travelled back to the school. When they reached it, they were informed that a murder was discovered not far from the group's campsite. The victim's name was not disclosed, leading many in the school to wrongly assume that Luna and Louisa were the victims,

Two weeks later, on the school trip to edenstown, Luna and Louisa met a girl called Connie on the train who seemed very smart and who agreed to help them solve the mystery of the box and the murder. 

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