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25th June 2022

MMS Decides - School trip choices for 2022!

It’s one of the highlights of the school year, when the choices for this year’s school trip are made. 

For those that are new to the school, the vote looks like this:

Three locations are selected each year by MMS Faculty. These choices are then passed to us at the paper to publish. You can then vote by submitting anonymous notes to the MMS Office, or talking to an MMS Journalist. These votes are then counted, and the winning decision announced. 

This year the choices are:-


This mountain village is tucked away in the North East of the Mendian Mountains. A quaint little settlement, it is nonetheless home to all the mountain wildlife you could wish for, including Telunia, Stralinxes and Wadi birds. Activities in the village include rock climbing, ziplining and hiking. And let’s not forget about Flora’s Cafe, the island-famous chocolate cafe with the creamiest, richest hot chocolates you can imagine. 


This market town is home to the famous Ontzi Market, a farmer’s market where everything you could imagine is sold. Fruit, not just from Maitasuna but from around the globe is sold here, as well as clothes, trinkets and jewellery for every taste. Activities to do in Ontzi include water sports, cycling and tours to Butter Hill which is rumoured to have aliens beneath it!


Travel to the classic beach town of the island, where you can take in the sun, sea and sand, as well as visit the Edenstown theme park! With the new addition last year of its newest ride, The Siren, the park is even more fun and addictive than ever. 

Snorkel through clear waters and see brightly coloured fish, and learn about their carefully maintained habitats. Visit the Edenstown arcades for a game or five with your friends, or eat a seafood dinner as you watch the sun set on the horizon.

Faculty announces retirement plans for beloved dinner lady

For many, meals in the Refectory wouldn’t be complete without the smiling face of Mrs Foliatt. She has been a regular and welcome sight at the school since 1994, yet yesterday, Principal Sheedy announced her plan to retire at the end of this year. 

“I’m going to miss you all” Mrs Folliatt said, while wiping away a tear “but I’m almost sixty, and I’m aching for some quiet time with my husband and my dog.”

No doubt that the sudden need of Mrs Foliatt to retire has something to do with the age of her beloved dog, Crispin, who is now pushing 15 years old, and the increased worry for the health of her husband, who suffers from ALS. 

While mealtimes at the school will not be the same without our smiling dinner lady, we must all pray to The Traveller that both her dog and her husband pass quietly onto the next life. We will miss you, Mrs Foliatt!

Litter picking of Altzifrea forest to take place this weekend

The Biannual litter picking event might sound slightly boring, but is one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

“As you know, MMS is entirely invested in the environmental wellbeing of the island” said Kirsten Glover, head of the Environmental Society at MMS. “And our litter picking event is highly anticipated by the whole society. 

Altzifrea forest is the biggest forest on the island, and often attracts hordes of picknickers, especially around the summertime. 

The litter picking event will take place next saturday at 9am, with a cafe lunch in Eskua afterward. The event will reconvene the next day at the same time, with a picnic to celebrate the clearing of the forest. 

“Of course, we will be taking our litter home with us after the picnic” Kirsten Glover confirmed with a chuckle. 

To sign up to this event, put your name on the list outside the MMS Weekly office. 


From O.R to E.D

Baby, you're so fine

wanna be with you all the time

your face, it makes me smile

Yeah baby, I would walk a mile

for your kiss

how I miss

your heart shaped tatoo

yeah there's nobody like you. 

Poem for E.D by O.R

20% off all drinks

when you buy a burger at Jack's burgers, Kideska. 

Tuck Shop

Interviews for tuck shop cashier for next year. Apply via the chart outside MMS Weekly office. 

Lost Property

Would the owner of a silver fountain pen please collect it from lost property box by the tuck shop please. 

Lemon and chamomile face masks now available at Molly's Spa