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Week Commencing 18th September 2023

Editor's note

The second harvest was thoroughly enjoyable, and from the sounds of it, the crop has been a good one so far, enabling us to prepare for whatever winter might throw at us. The third festival is coming up in a month, and Principal Sheedy hasa a few ideas for how to prepare for it! Maitasunan citizens have always prided themselves on putting others needs ahead of their own, a tribute to the wishes of The Traveller, who taught us the importance of love for others. This next festival, the last of the harvest festival, is all about that. Called 'The festival of the needy' the emphasis of this event is sharing the wealth with those less fortunate, and allowing them to prepare for the winter as well as ourselves. Consequently the aim of this event is tto give, whether it be time, resources or skills. As the days turn darker, and depression starts to set in, at least we can be in the knowledge that what we do, however small, matters, and can change the life of someone else. 

Third Harvest Enterprise Project,the newest ideaa by Principal Sheedy, but what will YOU do? 

The third harvest comes up in a month, and Principal sheedy has announced today an aambitious project, which will need a month to plan and execute. 

Caalled The Enterprise Project by her and other staff members, this sees MMS Students divide into groups of 3 or 4 to create an 'Enterprise,' a small business.

"This has multiple benefits to our students" Principaal Sheedy said, while being interviewed by this reporter. "Students will have to come up with and plan a small business. They will be given a set amount of money, with which they will have to buy resources and marketing to promote the business. Without staff assistance, they will have to budget, market and create their business from the ground up The winning business will have a stall at the Third Harvest Festival, and will win a prize. The proceeds from this event will go toward buying a new gate for the school's kennel, as well as a roof for the gym. This will provide the students with a sense of pride in their work and accomplishments, as well as provide experience and serve as a gateway into the world of work."

The Enterprise Project begins this week. 

Upcoming game, the MMS Sea Lions against the Eskua Warriors!

The sporting season is about to begin, and the first game of the season approaches. MMS has alwaays excelled when it comes to sporting activities, and it has two fantastic teams. The swimming team, the MMS Lobsters, and the volleyball team, the MMS Sea Lions. As you know, Volleyball is Maitasunaa's national sport, and every school on the island competes enthusiastically. This upcoming game is against the Eskua Warriors, our arch nemesis, as the Warriors have become as good as the Sea Lions in recent years. The MMS Mermaids will of coursse attend the event, and head cheerleader, Rose Daley, and this to say about the upcoming match.

"Yeah, the Warriors have always tested us. They're good, there's no doubt about that, but there's something different about this year, and of course that's us. We believe that, with our help, the Sea Lions will lead us to victory over The Warriors."

The match is next saturday.

Trending desserts. What sweet treats are Maitasunans reaching for?

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 20.15.14.png

In recent years, Kaimkarda and grapericot have always been the flavours of choice when it came to inclusions in desserts and other sweet treats. Now however, islanders seem to be turning away from these traditional flavours, and reaching for something new. 

The most celebrated chefs on the island are reaching for new and exotic flavours to tempt the tastebuds of the people, and flavours such as pistachio, honeycomb and toffee have entered the Maitasunan consciousness for the first time. The traditional Bunny Bowl has fallen out of flavour, and pressure has been put onto Elora, owner of Kideska's sweet shop 'Eloraa's Sweeets and Such' to cater to these trends. 

The chefs who started these trends, had the idea to go back to Maitasuna's roots, exploring culinary delights from countries such as Spain, Basque and Italy, and recreating popular dishes from these countries to appeal to Maitasunan pallettes. Biscotti has arrived on the island, as well as Spanish almond biscuits (pictured above, Left.) Whether these new treats are a passing fancy, or stick around for a while, remains to be seen. 



For brand new docu-series. Auditions start this weekend. Call into the newspaper office for details and to apply.


at Elora's Sweets and Such. Yeah, because that's not a desperate attempt to make them relevant again, is it?


Can the person who left a flamingo onesie in the stables please retrieve item from Lost Property near the tuck shop, and also explain what on earth they were doing with that? Thanks. 

That's it for this week. See you next week for more up to the minute news and views. 

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