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MMS School wallpaper

MMS Wallpaper.jpg

Feel free to screenshot the official MMS school wallpaper and use it for your laptop, tablet or phone. 


Maitasuna Citizenship test

Will you survive your first day at MMS?

Which house at MMS do you belong in?

Do you know The Traveller?


Can you solve these five anagrams? The clues are next to the anagrams in brackets. 

Argo Lapis (Mountain isolation)

Egor Floss Thyme (Jumping Entertainment)

Chained Slippery (Speedy leader)

Agree Virus (Not mendia)

Athens Eyelid (Watching the road)


Word Search


The ambience of Pies and Pages, Kideska

Crossword Complete (1).jpg


Try your hand at a few MMS spells!

Maitasunan spells.jpg
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