Activities Page

MMS School wallpaper

MMS Wallpaper.jpg

Feel free to screenshot the official MMS school wallpaper and use it for your laptop, tablet or phone. 

Colouring Pages

MMS Wallpaper colouring page.jpg
Maitasunan flag Colouring page.jpg

Why not screenshot these colouring pages, of the MMS Logo and the Maitasunan flag and colour them in yourself. You can post your art on the Artists Alleyway group page!


Maitasuna Citizenship test

Will you survive your first day at MMS?

Which house at MMS do you belong in?


Can you solve this month's anagrams? All of these things are related to Maitasuna. The clues are next to the anagrams in brackets. 

Benn blowy hut -  (sweet treat)

Frazier falsetto - (large and green)

Enrage trigger - (Weather with style)

Lethal revert - (Always watching)

Lemmy Skew - (up to date)

Alone Esquire - (power and beauty)


Word Search


The ambience of Pies and Pages, Kideska