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Kideska is the capital city of Maitasuna, and is also known as the 'sun city' due to the buildings being made of a yellowish stone that shines brightly in the mediterranean sun. While cars are allowed on the island, they are banned from Kideska centre due to congestion issues. This is a relatively new accurrence, decided upon by the former King Quentin, and reinforced by the new Queen, Rosalie, his daughter. 

There are a number of attractions within Kideska itself, so that you will never run out of things to do in this charming city. 

Elora's Sweets and Such

Elora's Sweets and such is the most popular sweet shop in Kideska. Run for nearly 50 years by Elora Madden and her family, it is frequented by MMS students and kideskans alike. Home of the famous Bunny Bowl, it is a delightful place full of colours and wonderful sights and smells. 

Bunny bowl.jpg

The bunny bowl is a mound of pink mousse in a bamboo bowl. This is topped with sprinkles and popping candy and a wafer shaped like a bunny. It is the most popular sweet at Elora's!

Kideska's Marketplace (KMP)


The KMP is an underground marketplace built in an old underground car park. When cars were banned from the city centre, the royals had a choice. They could either rebuild the car parks, or they could repurpose them.  Thus, the KMP was born. It was also recently extended, to add an arcade and an outside space with food trucks. 

The KMP is frequented by MMS students on the weekend, and has been nicknamed 'the buttcrack' by them. 

The KMP is home to the famous Maitasunan dish, The Kaitilu, which is a bread bowl filled with creamy and spicy corn chowder. 

Kideska's adoption centre

Kideska's adoption centre, situated just off main street, is home to many endangered and abandoned pets. It offers a range of adoption choices, from the expected, such as dogs and cats, to the unexpected such as cat-stralinx hybrids, and even a wadi bird or two. The centre is mostly run by volunteers and there are usually new additions to the centre featured in the MMS Weekly, as pets are allowed at MMS. 

Ethan's Grocery Store

Before Ethan took over the lease for the building, the store changed hands many times, to the point where Kideskans did not know who owned it anymore. It simply became known as 'the store' until Ethan became the tennant and owner of the store. He  has now owned the store for 3 years. 

While the types of name brands that we are used to are not prevelent throughout Maitasuna, you can always count on Ethan to get his hands on a few bottles of Heinz or packets of Neslé

Monorail sign.png

The Maitasuna Monorail Network or MMN is the main and quickest mode of transportation around the island.  

While the service is usually very busy, due to the fact that most Maitasunans choose to travel this way, it is also remarkably reliable, with trains leaving almost exactly on time. The orange line is a circular route, taking passengers from Kideska to Edenstown via Eskua, and then up to Pagadiak and Ontzi, whereas the blue line simply leads to Norte via Lassai, Ontzi and the Mendian Mountains.  The map below shows the blue and orange routes around the island. 

Maitasunan map 2022.jpg

Kideska Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens were created by King Maxwell, Queen Rosalie's grandfather, who was a big fan of horticulture, as well as travel. In his youth, he travelled the globe, and brought back many beautiful blooms. This love of flowers and plants was passed down to his son, and in fact, King Quentin met his future wife, Camille at a flower show. While the love of plants did not pass to Queen Rosalie, it did pass down to Prince Lionel, who now attends the yearly Botanical Flower Show in her place. 

The gardens boast  the longest flower tunnel in all of the Mediterranean as well as seven beautiful fountains!

Jack's burgers & deli

Jack's burgers & Deli is the newest cafe to open up in Kideska.  They specialise in made-to-order burgers, where you can customise everything from the type of bread you want, to the type of burger and the type of salads, cheese or sides. Offering over 20 different types of breads, as well as burgers for vegetarian and vegan diets, they are the most popular cafe in Kideska, especially with MMS Students. Jack even took over the boba tea shop from Pies and Pages when they closed down so you can have a boba tea with your burger!

On the deli side, they offer whole loaves of every kind of bread they stock, including gluten free, cornbread, soda bread, sourdough and many more, as well as olives, sundried tomatoes and a wide range of cheeses.

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