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About the author

Jixie is an award winning poet with a degree in Media and Performing Arts. She was born with a rare condition called Septo Optic Dysplasia which leaves her with very little sight yet she has written stories from a young age and enjoys creating descriptive images in her stories, fully enabling readers to immerse themselves in that world. Jixie also struggles with ADHD. Her favourite genres of books are Fantasy and Historical and especially books about time travel which as always fascinated her. Jixie grew up in Manchester, United Kingdom and lives there today with her dogs, Chloe and Coco. 

Disability Videos

Jixie is passionate about spreading the word that disability does not mean inability. She believes in playing to her strengths while doing her best to overcome her weaknesses. On her Youtube Channel she has posted many discussions on disability, covering everything from her canes to perceptions of disability in Hollywood.