Gallery of characters and places in Morry

Joic is Morry's love interest throughout most of the book. He is a Plux, a species native to Morry's world. 

Do not be fooled by his appearance. He may not look drop dead gorgeous or the type of love interest you might expect, but Joic is kind, wise and fiercely loyal and protective. He also has a fair amount of charm

When writing him I knew almost instantly that he would be my favourite character and that has remained the case even to this very day. 

Hint - The feather that he wears in his cap in this picture does not always remain there. 

Morry (2).jpg

This is a picture I made of Morry and Isead's home at the beginning of 'Morry.' It sits on a small island in the marshes and as the house stands on soft and waterlogged ground, it tilts slightly which means that wooden supports have been used to keep the house upright. The main mode of transport in the marshes is by Coracle, a type of small boat made by stretching animal hide over a wooden frame. Consequently, each island has a wooden jetty attached. The house itself is made from thick, reddish marsh mud that has cracked in the harsh weather conditions of the marsh. 


Morry is the main character of the book and goes through the biggest character arc. Starting off as very naive, as she has spent most of her life in Blackfen, by the end of the book she has grown stronger and more compassionate.