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Maitasuna Magic School (MMS)

MMS was created 500 years ago by the Traveller. Originally, the castle was quite different to what it is now. It was more of a fort than a castle, made of black granite, cut from the Mendia mountains that surround it, but when an earthquake destroyed half of the castle, it was rebuilt. The queen at the time was Queen Amalia, who had a love of all things pink. And so, when the castle was rebuilt, it was built out of pink stone. Now the pink castle is an iconic piece of Maitasuna's history and geography, and can be seen perched atop the Lassai Falls, near the village of Lassai. 

The school is a boarding school, with classes six days a week. The students are free to travel into Kideska on saturday afternoons and on sundays, or anywhere on the island, as long as they are back for curfew at 7pm, though they may stay out later if they have permission from a parent or guardian. 

The school's motto is Bonum amoris in creando mundum which means 'creating a better world through love, which is the basis of the magic that The Traveller gave to us. 

The Sorting Ceremony and the Houses of MMS

As each new student enters MMS, they are led through to the 'Sorting Garden.  Each student must pass up the path into a courtyard dominated by a fountain and a statue of The Traveller. The student is not told what to do or what will happen. They are simply told to sit and wait. After a time has gone by, a light will appear next to the fountain, which will lead the student down one of seven paths which radiate from the courtyard. At the end of each path is a golden chest, which holds a crystal heart. This heart corresponds to each house. The magical light has assessed your true love style, and has led you down the path to the house you belong to. From there, the student can pass into the castle. 

Each of the houses at MMS relate to a different type of love. The house to which you belong depends on the type of love you value and express most often. The houses are as follows. 


This is a love between good friends. If you belong in this house you value your friends as your family. The members of this house wear an orange heart on the lapel of their uniform. 


This is love for ones self. If you belong in this house you love to pamper yourself, or else learn things to boost your brain power. The members of Philautia house wear a blue heart on the lapel of their uniform.


This is committed, long lasting love. The love of a Pragma house member does not come easy, yet, once won they are loyal and true.  If you belong in Pragma you believe that love does not come easy, but that when it does, it lasts forever. The members of Pragma house wear a white heart on the lapel of their uniform.

Storge House

If you belong in Storge, you believe that family is everything, whether that means a birth family, or a found family. They are often the 'mother hens' of their friend group. They wear a purple heart on the lapel of their uniform. 

Agape House

If you belong in Agape, you embody, or value, true selflessness. You are a good listener, and always have time for your friends, no matter what time of the day or night. They wear a green heart on their lapels. 

Eros House

These are the dramatists of the school. In love one moment and then explosively out of love the next. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and love wholeheartedly. They wear a red heart on their lapels. 

Ludus House

Like Eros, your love life exists in swings of violent emotion. One moment, you have found the love of your life, the next, you never want to see them again. But unlike Eros, this rarely leads to drama. You're over it already and after the next big love. Your life is all about happiness and freedom. You dislike being tied down to anything. Ludus house wears a pink heart on their lapel 

The classes and teachers at MMS

The MMS School timetable

MMS Timetable Framed.jpg

The Teachers at MMS

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Principal Sheedy

Principal Sheedy has been the principal of MMS for nearly 7 years. She is usually fair, yet stern. Her hobby is running, and she has competed in many races around the island. She is the coach of the running team, leading many students at MMS to nickname her 'Speedy Sheedy' 

Mr Lusk.png

Mr Lusk - Potions

Mr Lusk teaches potions. He is a very passionate and energetic man, and during his lessons he gesticulates wildly as he discusses different potions and ingredients. He is one of the less strict teachers on the staff and is the member of staff in charge of the MMS Weekly. 

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Ms Loi - Magical Phonycs

Ms Loi is a quiet woman with dark eyes, dark hair and an olive complexcion. She teaches Magical Phonycs, which is the pronunciation and theory behind the spells learned in other classes. She is quiet and serious, but is one of the stricter teachers on the staff. She has a budding relationship with Mr Lusk. 

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Mrs Branch - Magical Humanities

Mrs Branch, like Mr Lusk, is very energetic. She is a big supporter of the link between Maitasunans and nature, and runs the school's litter picking group around Lassai and Altzifrea forest. She also runs the school's camera club, which aims to photograph and support the nature of the island. 

Mr Boyd, Chrystology

Mr Boyd is the embodiment of 'dad jokes' as he uses puns and bad jokes constantly. He teaaches Crystology, the study of the properties of crystals. He acts almost like a 'dad figure' to many of the students, and they respect him greatly. He is good friends with Mr Lusk.

Ms Kato - Librarian

Ms Kato is a quiet, bookish character who loves organising the many books in the library of MMS. While she can often be snapish toward students who do not treat the books properly, she is known to have long chats with those students who spend much time in the library. Ms Kato is of Japanese descent. 

The classes at MMS


This class is more scientific than magical and at first glance might look more like a chemistry lesson than a potions class. The subject looks at the interplay between different ingredients, how those ingredients work with or on the subject, AKA the human body or plant that it is supposed to affect. It is extremely maths and formula based. 

Magical Phonycs

This class is all about the mechanics of spells, such as pronunciation, posture and intention. 

Magical Humanities

This class is about the way spells have changed over time, as both need and language have changed. It is about the human aspect of spells and how they are created. 


This class teaches about the herbs involved in potions. It teaches how to care for and harvest such herbs, as well as teaching about how potions and spells affect plants and the environment. It heightens sutdents awareness of the environment. 


The study of crystals. This class talks about the crystaline structure of each crystal, their abilities and properties and how to identify them. It is taught by Mr Boyd.

Places of interest in MMS

The Refectory

The refectory is the cafeteria in MMS where students eat all their meals. It is a large room with an arched ceilling, which looks out onto the pattio and the stables. In summer the doors to the refectory are thrown open so that students can sit on the pattio

The library

The library is a large room on the first floor of the castle. 

The tuck shop

The tuck shop is located near the refectory on the ground floor of the castle. It sells sweets and snacks every evening. The lost property box is also found at the tuck shop. Any lost items will be advertised for pickup by their owner in the MMS weekly. 

The common room

While each house has their own common room in their dormitories, the communal common room is a place on the ground floor of the castle where friends from different houses can meet up.  Situated near the tuck shop, the common room features a pool table, ping pong table and even an air hockey table, as well as a jukebox. 

Stables and kennels

Pets are allowed at MMS, and come in many forms, from horses to dogs and cats to smaller animals like rabbits and hamsters. Horses reside in the stables, and students can ride them at the weekends or evenings. Students with pets are encouraged to use care hour to care for them, though there are staff on hand to take care of the pets when students cannot.  Horses reside in the stables, dogs and cats reside in the kennels and cattery, and smaller animals reside in the rooms of their owners. 

Swimming pool and sports hall

The school's swim team are the MMS Lobsters, who compete with other schools on the island. SImilarly, the school's volleyball team, the Sea Lions, compete with other schools as well. The swimming pool is a full, olympic sized pool and the sports hall is equippe for volleyball. Volleyball is the island's national sport and many Maitasunans will turn up for school volleyball tournaments. 

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