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Towns and places of interest in Maitasuna


Norte is the northernmost town in Maitasuna, and was originally the place the first settlers arrived due to its natural harbour. A breezy coastal town with tall cliffs and lush coastal plants, this town has been a welcome retreat to those Maitasunans living in the south of the island, where temperatures can be much higher. Norte always feels as if it's very much apart from the rest of the island, due to its separation from the south because of the Mendian Mountains. Its whitewashed houses perch precariously on the cliffs, and its winding, cobbled streets feel quaint and homey. Now that the island is cut off from the rest of the world by the magical mist, the natural harbour is used by fishermen and sailing enthusiasts. 


The southernmost town on the island and another coastal town. However, Edenstown could not be more different from quaint little Norte. A busy hub of activity, and home to a fabulous beach, busy boardwalk full of shops and cafes, and the famous Edenstown Theme park, the town is busy year-round. 


The village of Lassai sits snugly in a valley in the foothills of the Mendian Mountains. Originally picked by a Spanish recluse named Philip Del Torro because of the heart-stopping views of the mountains, as well as Lassai Falls, the village is a gateway to the mountains, providing long hikes, pony trekking and rock climbing activities. It has a small monorail station, providing transport for the villaagers, as well as students from MMS. The famous pink castle is less than a mile from the village.


Ontzi is one of two towns which sit on the edge of Lake Ontzi. A fairly large town of 56,080 people, it is THE place to go if you are into water sports, offering kayaking, paragliding and jet skiing, as well as being a favourite fishing spot. 

The town also boasts a long and vibrant row of shops and cafes, as well as access to walks such as Ontzi Forest and Butter Hill, which is rumoured to house a top secret alien research station. Strange lights have been seen over this hill, and it is the main mystery of the island. 


The first settlement on the island, Pagadiak has a timeless feel to it. Smaller than the nearby lakeside town of Ontzi, it nevertheless has its own charm. It is essentially a farming town, with a busy market. Other than Kideska, it is the main area of celebration during the harvest festivals. The area around Pagadiak is flat and lush, with kaimkarda and grapericot orchards filling the air with the sweet fragrance of ripening fruit in the autumn, and cherry trees in full blossom in the spring. It is known that The Traveller particularly enjoyed Pagadiak, and a staatue of him stands in the town centre to this day. 

Unfortunately though, the town is prone to flooding, suffering badly in the winter months. 


Eskua is a small farming village in the south east of the island, though it has become more famous as the site of Natureworld, an Eden Project-style tribute to the lush nature of the island. 


Sorgipala is a tiny village in the middle of the Mendian Mountains. It is breathtakingly beautiful and is surrounded by many wonderful walks of varying difficulty

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