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The History of Maitasuna

This is a timeline of historical events, from the first settlers of Maitasuna to the present day. 

1420 - The first Maitasunans arrive on the island. They set up the first settlement, which later becomes the town of Pagadiak.

1458 - The town of Ontzi is created. Trade between the two settlements is successful.

1472 - A recluse named Philip Del Toro sets up a home in what is later to become Lassai.

1501 - The shipwreck of an italian ship offshore adds more Maitasunans to the island. They form their own settlement, in what is to become Kideska.

1560 - First mention of forming the island into one community. There is talk of crowning a king to unite the whole island. 

1562 - Florean The First is crowned the first king of Maitasuna. He moves the capital city from Pagadiak to Kideska.

1602 - King Florean dies. His son, Cornelius, is crowned. 

1621 - The Traveller arrives on the island. He sees that Maitasunans have a love in their heart for each other and the island that is not true of many people of the time. He creates the magical mist and Magic School, and teaches Maitasunans how to do magic. 

1671 - The Traveller leaves, as he knows he will die soon. He leaves them with parting words. ‘I will see you on the other side’ which leaves many mistakenly believing he is a god. 

1680 - Work on the first temple dedicated to The Traveller in Kideska begins.

1702 - The temple is completed. 

1788 - First settlement in what will become Edenstown.

1850 - The first queen is crowned. Queen Amalia, who has an obsessive love of pink, decides to change the colour of the MMS castle to pink. She is questioned by many, who think she might be insane, but ultimately, her wish is carried out.

1865 - First settlement in what will become Norte.

1895 - Because many settlements are spread out and hard to access, it is proposed that a monorail network be built. This idea is favoured by the queen and by many Maitasunans.

1896 - Work on the Monorail Network is begun. It will connect the towns of Pagadiak, Kideska and Edenstown. 

1897 - Queen Amalia dies

1903 - The bridge connecting the towns of Ontzi and Pagadiak begins to be constructed.

1910 The monorail connecting Ontzi, Pagadiak, Kideska and Edenstown is completed. Norte is still cut off from the rest of the island, due to the Mendian Mountains. 

1911 - Another shipwreck adds more Maitasunans to the island. This time, the ship carried people from Britain.

1940 - King Quentin’s father, king Maxwell is crowned king. A horticulturist, he creates the Botanical Gardens in Kideska’s city centre.

1941 - First petition to King Maxwell to lower the barrier surrounding the island, and to enter into World War 2. Most Maitasunans do not like this idea though, as it would place the island in grave danger. 

1945 - King Maxwell marries Duchess Stefania, King Quentin’s mother. She is a sickly woman however.

1950 - King Quentin’s older sister, Princess Madeleine, is born. Like her mother, she is very sickly.

1954 - Princess Madeleine dies of heart related issues.

1958 - Duchess Stefania becomes pregnant once more, however she miscarries. Maitasunans start to worry that the island will have no heir, as the King and Queen are now in their late 30’s

1961 - For a third time, Duchess Stefania becomes pregnant, and successfully gives birth to the future King Quentin. 

1964 - Duchess Stefania dies, aged 44

1965 - A fire in Kideska burns down a wing of The Traveller’s temple. Six months later, work is begun to restore it. 

1970 - First appearance of Prince Quentin at a royal event. He is 9 years old. 

1972 - work on the restoration of the Traveller’s Temple is completed.

1973 - Prince Quentin attends Magic School.

1975 - A brief relationship between King Maxwell and actress Georgie Russell is highly photographed. It becomes a huge scandal, as the king is now 60 years old. 

1976 - Georgie Russell becomes pregnant, sparking talk of allowing legal abortion. The law is passed 1 month later, allowing Miss Russell to abort the baby. Many Maitasunans argue that abortion is murder, and goes against The Traveller’s wishes, but abortion continues to be legal. 

1982 - King Maxwell dies, aged 67.

1983 - King Quentin is crowned.

1985 - King Quentin marries Duchess Camille Aubert, the mother to Queen Rosalie and Prince Lionel. 

1987 - Duchess Aubert becomes pregnant, but miscarries. 

1990 - Once again, she becomes pregnant, and gives birth to Princess Rosalie, who later becomes queen.

1993 - Prince Lionel is born.

1994 - Francesca and Phoebe Kindly’s father emigrates to Maitasuna from Italy with his parents. He attends Magic School.

1997 - Princess Rosalie’s first appearance in public. She is 7 years old.

1998 - King Quentin sets up the Artists’ Alleyway.

2001 - Francesca and Phoebe Kindly’s parents marry.

2002 - Again, talk of lowering the barrier to help after the events of 9/11 begins, but is again vetoed by many people, including The King. 

2004 - The monorail network is finally extended to include Norte.

2005 - The Mendian Mountains National Park is created, prohibiting any construction throughout the whole mountain range. However, a large rockslide on a country road outside Sorgipala begins talk of a road leading from the village to Lassai. The request is granted, leading to a fierce battle between government and environmentalists. 

2010 - Following irreconcilable differences, King Quentin and Duchess Aubert divorce. This strains the relationship between Duchess Camille and her 17  year old son. The two remain estranged to this day.

2018 - King Quentin’s health begins to fade. Queen Rosalie begins to take over more and more royal events. Around this time, she meets French Regatta participant, Matthias Melchamp.

2021 - King Quentin dies. Months later, Queen Rosalie is crowned. Later that year, another debate is begun, about lowering the barrier surrounding the island, because of Coronavirus, but it is once again vetoed. 

2022 - Queen Rosalie and Matthias Melchamp are married. 

2023 - Queen Rosalie becomes pregnant, with the due date set at March 2024

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