The city was quiet and dark, its inhabitants had not long retired to bed but one light shone on the top floor of the palace. Arida, the Oidy princess sat on the windowsill with no fear at all for her safety. She watched as the moon climbed high into the sky, shining onto the white of her nightgown and the green tinted skin of her upturned face. Her mouth was open in song but her face was serene. Her eyes then turned downwards, toward the city and the people she loved dearly. Her voice turned gentle now, mirroring the gentle love in her heart for her people. The city was beautiful, its walls white, its domes blue. It was a city of peace.


Arida stood, left her room and headed across to the west wing to her favourite place, the gallery of ancestors. She loved to look at the rulers of Wevaria and imagine what they would say to see the kingdom as it was now, Pluxes and Oidies as one, not at war as they once had been. As she walked down the line of ancestors, their faces now a pattern of mosaic tiles along the stone walls she looked into their faces, tried to imagine what they were once like.

Arida stared into the eyes of her wonderful, wise father. He was the Prince who had united the Oidies and Pluxes and restored peace to Wevaria. His lessons stayed with her, kept her strong throughout the minor gang wars that had threatened to become major ones, helped her to stop them. Now there was peace and there would continue to be.

A low rumble caught her attention and the moonlight coming through the large arched window at the end of the gallery was abruptly cut out. Out of curiosity, Arida ran to the window but saw nothing. Lights turned on throughout the city as Oidies and Pluxes opened doors and windows to find out what the noise was. Arida left the gallery as tired servants began to gather together in the lobby.

Arida opened the door and stared at a large round disk that hovered over the city of Wevareen. The lights around its perimeter flashed violently. Oidies and Pluxes  crowded the streets in wonder and fear as they stared at the unknown object. A large strand of blue light emanated from the middle of the object and a ramp extended from it.

“There’s something inside!” Arida’s mind screamed.

Or someone. A black shape separated itself from the blue light washing over the ramp. Around Arida there were screams as a being of almost six feet, gigantic compared to the three and a half feet of most Oidies or the four feet of most Pluxes came down the ramp.

The screams died as the being became more visible. A woman with dark hair, olive skin and bright red lips stepped onto the white stone road of the city, her killer heels rapping sharply and sounding almost like gunshots in the dead silence.

She held something in her left hand. Arida and some of the others drew back in fear. Who knew what sort of magic these people had.

The woman lifted the object to her mouth.

“I am Belladonna” she said. “We have come in peace. I ask to speak to your leader.”

More screams. The woman had a voice unnaturally loud!

“Witchcraft!” a few servants muttered. “Princess, we must fight….”

 “No. We will not fight them” Arida responded. “Did you not hear? They said they came in peace. We will not be the first to take up arms. Especially since we do not know what kind of powers they possess.”

“We know they can fly” said one servant pointing upwards.

“The fact that they can fly does not mean that they mean us any harm.” Arida sighed. Bravely she stepped forward

“I am Princess Arida. We mean you no harm”

A light bulb seemed to go off in Belladonna’s eyes. She raised her other hand which contained another object with two barrel shaped appendages. There was a bang…

Exert from 'Morry'

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