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The food of Maitasuna

Kaitilu and Limoia Juice

A classic Maitasunan street food dish, most often sold at the KMP, Kaitilu consists of a bread bowl filled with spicy sweetcorn chowder. Favoured by MMS students and islanders alike, this warm and filling dish is sold year-round.

Limoia is best described as a sweet, but slightly tangy lemon drink, and is favoured by Islanders during the long, hot summer months. 

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Bakaili and Chips

Bakaili and chips is a food fusion between the original Basque foods of the island, with a British Influence. 

Brits have lived on the island in small numbers for nearly 100 years, and have infused traditional Maitasunan cooking with their own uniqueness. Bakaili consists of cod balls and chunky chips, sandwiched between a spiced and fluffy olive bread. The cod balls are flavoured with pepper and lemon for a flavoursome mediterranean taste to tantalize your senses! Marrubi is a juice made from strawberries, again, particularly flavoured during the summer months. 

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Maitasunan Snacks

Gezia Chips

Maitasuna's version of Doritos, these flavoursome crisps come in interesting flavours, such as spicy shrimp, Spicy tomato and cod and coconut. A favourite at parties, these corn chips are most often served with dips like guacamole and tsatsiki

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Bunny Bowl

Maitasuna's most famous dish. This sweet treat consists of a bamboo bowl full of strawberry mousse. The top is then decorated with sprinkles and a wafer shaped like a bunny head.  More mousse flavours are available, with flavours such as Kaimkarda and Mango, though strawberry is the most popular version.

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