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The Royal Family of Maitasuna

Known Royals

Queen Rosalie.png

Queen Rosalie is the current queen. She took over from the former king, Quentin when he became diagnosed with Cancer. Like him, she is a kind ruler, and a big supporter of the artists of the island. She created and promoted Artists Alleyway, allowing local artists to exhibit their work on an entire street dedicated to art and graffitti.

Nine months ago, Queen Rosalie got engaged, with a wedding that is supposed to take place sometime this summer 

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 10.05.45.png

Quentin was the former king of Maitasuna. A quiet man, seeming almost shy in public, yet like his daughter he nurtured local artists, and ensured the growth of education. A frequent visitor to The MMS, he seemed sweet and humble. He was married to Duchess Camille Aubert, with whom he had two children. The pair divorced in 2010, but both have been supportive and loving of their children,


Prince Lionel is the younger brother of Queen Rosalie and the son of King Quentin and Duchess Camille Aubert. He is shy like his father, and a known bookworm. He has even been seen on occasion in Pies and Pages, the cafe and bookstore in Kideska city centre. Like his sister, he helps nurture local artists. He participates in most royal events, though his shy nature means he does not participate as readily as his sister. 

The Traveller.jpeg

The Traveller was king for 50 years, sharing not only his magic, but his wisdom with the people of the island. For more information on him, check out


Female head silhouette.png

Duchess Camille Aubert is the ex wife of King Quentin and the mother of Queen Rosalie and Prince Lionel. She is reported to be very vain and shallow, with quite a hot temper. She is completely estranged from her son, only coming into contact with him at royal events where they barely talk beyond basic civility. 

Male head.png

King Cornelius was the king that ruled over Maitasuna before The Traveller came to the island. A corrupt man, he tried to kill The Traveller because of the magic and wisdom he posessed. A man from our time went back to help Cornelius kill The Traveller, but was unsuccessful due to the interference of Francesca Kindly and Louisa Carey. The Traveller eventually defeated Cornelius and was crowned the new king

Male head.png

King Maxwell is the father of King Quentin, and the grandfather of Queen Rosalie and Prince Lionel. He is the king that started the Botanical Gardens in the centre of Kideska. 


Queen Amalia was a very eccentric queen who ruled over Maitasuna around 150 years ago. An obsessive lover of the colour pink, she was responsible for MMS's pink appearance as she had the current castle built when the old castle was destroyed in an earthquake. 

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