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Maitasunan Residents

Become a Maitasunan resident by roleplaying with us regularly for over a month. 


Name - Luna Viviana Caballera

Age - 14

Nationality - Half Maitasunan(Father), half Italian(Mother)

House at MMS - Ludus

Residence - Her family originally resided in Rome, Italy.  Now live with Luna's paternal uncle Sylvester in his apartment in Kideska.

Family - Father named Antonio. His profession is a doctor. Mother named Michaela who works as an interior designer. Younger sister, Nicola is 10 years old. Uncle Sylvester is an artist working in Kideska. 

Hobbies - Luna loves computers. She can code as well as hack into systems. She also runs the MMS Weekly. 

Hey i’m louisa Carey i’m a little dipsy i’m afraid. i’m a avid reader . I love reading anything and everything!

My parents are Jessie and Owen Carey andI have twin sisters, Anneka and Annie who are serious double trouble! I also have a beautiful doggie named pearl. We live in Kideska.  I go to MMS and I’m on The swim team MMS Lobsters. my favourite lesson is Potions I Love camping and solving mysteries

Full name:  Odhran Rearden

Age: 40

Nationality: Irish descent

Job:  Owner of the Pies and Pages stall in the KMP

 Residence on the island:  Lakeside house, Ontzi

Family: one brother, Michael.

Hobbies: Baking, painting, tinkering around with machinery, drinking boba tea & coffee and helping others on the island

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