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The Musical Acts of Maitasuna

Maitasuna has a vibrant music scene, with many faboulous (and mostly imported) bands. These feature in many of Maitasuna's festivals. These include...


Ballantyne is an import from Dublin, Ireland, and features two jovial lads in their mid twenties. Their music is mostly indie-rock. They are the most famous band on the island. 

The Mosley Frogs

A highly energeteic band of four guys. They get their name because they frequently wear green tracksuits on stage, and because they traditionally trash the set after each performance, jumping manically and shouting Irish slang. The band come from Belfast in Ireland.

Champagne Moonlight

Champagne Moonlight are a Jazz band who have been gaining popularity on the island. Consisting of three members, two of which are imports from the USA, and one of whom is a native of the island, the band have headlined the last two events, and have begun a friendly, albeit competative rivalry with Ballantyne. It is widely known that The Queen herself is a fan of this band. Two members of the band are women, and the other is a man. A full fact file of this band is to feature in a future issue of MMS Weekly.

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