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Flora and Fauna of Maitasuna


Telunia are bear-like creatures that live in the Mendian Mountains. About the size of a Chihuahua, they are tree climbing, with long claws. Their main diet is fruit. 


Stralinxes are cat-like creatures that roam the Mendian Mountains. Measuring around 2 and a half feet from head to toe, they are the main predator of the mountains. Their fur is creamy-white with darker blotches around their head and shoulders and at the tips of their tails. Their diet is mostly small animals such as Telunia. 

Wadi bird

The Wadi bird is a large purple bird found in the Mendian Mountains. About the size of a macaw, with brilliant purple plumage and a yellow feathery crest on its head, it is the largest bird in Maitasuna. In the past, these birds were hunted for their vibrant feathers, but as the Mendian Mountains are now a protected area, this is no longer the case. They are named for the sound they make, which sounds like 'wadi wadi wadi'


The main species of goat is the Argentata Dell'Etna, a species of goat brought from Italy around 200 years ago. As this breed became more widespread across the island, Maitasunans began to use the milk, cheese and butter of this goat in their cooking, so that the island's food is rich with these ingredients. 


Kaimkarda is the main crop in Maitasuna. Fruit orchards populate the western and southern slopes of the Mendian Mountains, as well as the plains in the south of the island. The fruit is about the same size of a mango, with pale yellow, thick skin at the top, fading to a dark green at the bottom. Its flesh is white-ish yellow. It tastes quite bitter, like grapefruit, but with a freshness like that of watermelon. It is used to flavour drinks, sweets and ice cream on the island. 


This fruit is a result of a breeding project on the island, around 50 years ago. A doctor at the then relatively small Kideska University decided to breed grapefruit and apricots. The result is a sweeter version of grapefruit, with a thick red skin, smaller than Kaimkarda, and orange flesh. While this fruit is less popular than Kaimkarda, it is still used to flavour drinks and sweets on the island. The most famous use of this fruit however is the famous Grapericot Pie, which has featured on the menus of both Kindly's Diner and Pies and Pages. 

Glowing Mushrooms

These mushrooms are only found in the forests of the island, such as Altzifrea and Ontzi. 

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